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. & P. Cost and freight.

C. & L Cost and insurance.

Caveat Emptor. Let the buyer beware. The purchaser must
ascertain the state and condition of the goods before he makes the

C.C. Civil commotion.

Cesser clause. This clause relieves the charterer from liability
after loading of cargo, and payment of freight, dead freight, and

C.F.O. Calling for orders.

Charter-party. A contract between shipowner and charterer for
the carriage of goods, or hire of vessel, for a period of time.

C.IJF.  Cost, insurance, and freight.

CJ.F.C.L Cost, insurance, freight, commission, and interest.

C.I.F.L.T. Cost, insurance, freight, London terms.

e. ft. Cubic feet, 40 c. ft. being the basis of a freight ton.

Clearance. Official permission from customs officer for a vessel
to leave port when all dues have been paid, and all formalities

Clear days. Time to be reckoned exclusive of the first and last days.

Complement. The number of crew employed upon a vessel for
its safe navigation.

Consign. To send goods from one place to another.

Consignor. The person who consigns or forwards the goods.

Consignee. The person to whom the goods are sent.

Consul. The commercial representative of one nation residing
officially in another country, to facilitate business relations between
the two countries.

Consulate. Duty paid to a consul for protection of goods.

Cost. B/H Continent, Bordeaux-Hamburg range.

Cont. H/H Continent, Havre-Hamburg range.

Contraband. Goods smuggled into a country avoiding duty.

C.p.d. Charterers pay dues.

C.T.L. Constructive total loss.

c.t.i.o. Constructive total loss only.

D.B.B. Deals, boards, and battens.

B.C. Deviation clause.

dd* Delivered.

Deadweight. Freight paid for space booked but not used.

Deck load. Cargo carried upon deck.

Del credere. An agreement by which an agent when he sells goods
on credit for aa additional commission, guarantees solvency of the
buyer, and his performance of the contract.

Demurrage. Compensation paid to shipowner for delay of a vessel
beyond the stipulated time in charter-party for loading or discharge.

Deviation. Departure from the set or agreed course of the voyage.

Dirty money. Extra payment to labourers for fra-ndTing goods of
an objectionable nature.

Dispatch money. Bonus paid to charterer for loading a vessel in
less time than stipulated in charter-party.

dp. Direct port.

Drawback* Allowance granted by Government to encourage the
exportation of certain articles, or a return of duty paid on certain

Breakage. The option of shipping general cargo under a grain
charter-party. Freight to be paid at the same rate as grain, bnt all
extra charges incurred to be for account of the charterers.